Friday, November 29, 2013

The Beautiful Struggle

Trip Interior:the village of Kirimu on the way to Bias
 My life has been so full the past few weeks and through it all, I find joy in what the Lord has done. Through a trip to a distant village, various community events, and people that I've met, there are countless lessons that I have learned about who God is and who I am because of Christ's sacrificial love for me.

 I could try to tell of the ways He has been shaping me the past few months but I that post would be endless. 

As I begin to reflect on the past year, it's hard to believe that I'll be coming home in 3 weeks! My year of world travels is coming to an end and I am in absolute awe of our Mighty God. 
The past months have flown by and I'm praising God for all He has taught me throughout this season of my life. 

A Wycliffe One Story Project in Bias
He has used people I have met, places I have been, things I have done have do shape me and to turn me back to Him time and again.

God's grace has covered over my mistakes over and over - I am humbled by His love. I am humbled by His Son who is the Great High Priest. My Jesus has been, is, and will continue to pray for me and intercede on my behalf. 

Adventure's with the Reynolds family in Bias

In Him I have all that I need and all my hopes are in Him.

Whatever the delays, whatever fears or anxiety, whatever broken relationships, whatever unknowns lie before me I stand firm on the promise of God and find my identity in Him:

"[I am] clothed with strength and dignity,
    and [I] laugh without fear of the future."
Proverbs 31:25

Even though at times it has been an incredible struggle: I have felt the sting of loneliness, the frustrations of culture shock, and the weariness that comes with living the sojourner's life. 

But I am SO blessed to be called away from everything and everyone in whom I find comfort - to be molded and shaped into the woman God has designed me to be. 

Beach trip with a group of English Language learners.
In many ways, I mourn the fact that this season is coming to end - this beautiful struggle - but I hold on to the hope that God continues to carry me. Earlier this fall I wrote a song that expresses the way I have come to understand God's work in my life. 

You have carried me this far, so far
Never once did my feet walk alone

Whipping up some Pabeta (traditional Papuan dish)
When I flee from Your space
I'm back on my own, reaching for Your grace.

Oh Lord, it was never mine to hold.
It was never mine at all.

Remind me of Your greatest act
stepping down to love and serve,
Paying all that I owe.

Oh Lord, it was never mine to hold,
Students playing Mancala after a math lesson.
It was never mine at all,

For I'm held within Your scars

As You gaze upon my face
Looking with favor UNEARNED
Overwhelming me with grace

As Christ died on the hill
I know He goes before me still
So I can rest inside Your will

Oh Lord, it was never mine to hold,
it was never mine at all. 

Enjoying some street food! Squid is DELICIOUS :)
As I read and sing these words, I'm reminded that God IS who He says He is. He does great things for those who love Him, and it is completely undeserved I have found my life and strength in the love and grace poured forth from the gospel. The life I live in Christ is as I've title this song: Unearned. 

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  1. Can't wait till you are home and I get to hear all the details. love you so much!